The Images I post here are for the most part, from the net - for the purpose of sharing with others who are like minded. If any image I post is under copyright, I am not aware of it and will more than happily 'take down' upon request of anyone. My 'borrowing' is for pleasure, not for profit or redistribution.


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Maria Palmer c 1943 by wiki12Maria Palmer c 1943 by wikiGloria Stuart c 1938 by pinterest12Gloria Stuart c 1938 by pinterestDebra Paget c 1956 by 'The Ten Commandments'10Debra Paget c 1956 by 'The Ten Commandments'Deanna Durbin c 1945 by Yank Mag12Deanna Durbin c 1945 by Yank MagDeanna Durbin c 1945 by 'Lady on a Train12Deanna Durbin c 1945 by 'Lady on a Train'A Garland of Goddesses', New York NY c 1909 by BainNewsSv12'A Garland of Goddesses', New York NY c 1909 by BainNewsSvJoan Crawford c 1932 by 'Grand Hotel'12Joan Crawford c 1932 by 'Grand Hotel'Carole Lombard c 1929 by Pathe`12Carole Lombard c 1929 by Pathe`Carole Lombard c 1919 by pinterest15Carole Lombard c 1919 by pinterestAnn Sheridan c 1939 by poster-rama12Ann Sheridan c 1939 by poster-rama

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