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Paris, France18180Paris, France18Paris, France3182Paris, France3Strasbourg, France2182Strasbourg, France2Avignon, France1180Avignon, France1Eiffel Tower, Paris, France180Eiffel Tower, Paris, FranceDinan, France1180Dinan, France1Annecy, France1180Annecy, France1Colmar, Alsace, France1182Colmar, Alsace, France1Dinan, France2182Dinan, France2Eze, France2182Eze, France2National Library of France180National Library of FrancePetite France, Strasbourg180Petite France, StrasbourgAnnecy France6180Annecy France6Lille, France182Lille, FranceConques, France1180Conques, France1Alsace,France4182Alsace,France4Colmar, France5180Colmar, France5Bandstand at the Pepiniere Park, Nancy, France180Bandstand at the Pepiniere Park, Nancy, FranceGrasse, France180Grasse, FranceCote d'Azure, France1182Cote d'Azure, France1