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flowers 405×
britain 274×
england 223×
river 220×
bridge 215×
lake 150×
dance 132×
ballet 131×
waterfall 126×
park 124×

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Thatched cottage in spring168Thatched cottage in springTe Rewa Rewa Bridge150Te Rewa Rewa BridgeTeddy gold99Teddy goldWinter landscape150Winter landscapeWaterfall120WaterfallNap time120Nap timeJapanese cherry blossom150Japanese cherry blossomChristchurch Old Bridge180Christchurch Old BridgeChâteau de Candé150Château de CandéAgios Ioannis chapel150Agios Ioannis chapel

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AlbumCoverGolf coursesAlbumCoverPatterns, designs, and decorationsAlbumCoverLighthousesAlbumCoverOceans, lakes, and riversAlbumCoverSceneryAlbumCoverPlaces: AmericasAlbumCoverPlaces: Asia, Oceania, AfricaAlbumCoverPlaces: EuropeAlbumCoverPlaces: United Kingdom and IrelandAlbumCoverRock formations