They say that ignorance is bliss.....24They say that ignorance is bliss.....Sea turtle underwater24Sea turtle underwaterLive corals24Live coralsMandarin gobies63Mandarin gobiesSea dragon with pink eggs40Sea dragon with pink eggsSailfish60SailfishThe Flower Hat Jellyfish60The Flower Hat JellyfishSouthern Right Whales42Southern Right WhalesVeined octopus60Veined octopusLong nose filefish60Long nose filefishRoyal gramma42Royal grammaSeastars, Great Barrier Reef88Seastars, Great Barrier ReefHermit crab70Hermit crabCopper Banded Butterflyfish77Copper Banded ButterflyfishGreat White Shark48Great White SharkSea starfish54Sea starfishMarine angelfish80Marine angelfishcoral reef90coral reefMonkey Mia dolphin90Monkey Mia dolphin