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Belle and Cinderella280Belle and CinderellaDancing in the Starlight260Dancing in the StarlightAriel the Collector270Ariel the CollectorAriel and Eric's Wedding Day280Ariel and Eric's Wedding DayMay I Have This Dance300May I Have This DanceSnow White and Her Pets289Snow White and Her PetsAurora and Her Pets240Aurora and Her PetsThomas Kinkade Sleeping Beauty276Thomas Kinkade Sleeping BeautyHow Do I Look289How Do I LookAriel and Friends240Ariel and FriendsAurora's Friends300Aurora's FriendsTales as Old as Time300Tales as Old as TimeStarry Nights280Starry NightsPrince and Princess Charming276Prince and Princess CharmingDoing the Tango240Doing the TangoGive it a Twirl280Give it a TwirlGetting Ready for the Party286Getting Ready for the PartyTurning a Pumpkin Into a Coach260Turning a Pumpkin Into a CoachMinnie the Swan Princess300Minnie the Swan PrincessPrimping for the Ball300Primping for the Ball