Have a Good Evening300Have a Good EveningBelle and Cinderella280Belle and CinderellaDancing in the Starlight260Dancing in the StarlightDancing in the Castle286Dancing in the CastleStarry Nights280Starry NightsPrince and Princess Charming276Prince and Princess CharmingPretty Portrait198Pretty PortraitGive it a Twirl280Give it a TwirlDreams Do Come True260Dreams Do Come TrueDancing by the Fountain300Dancing by the FountainBe My Prince240Be My PrinceTurning a Pumpkin Into a Coach260Turning a Pumpkin Into a CoachPrimping for the Ball300Primping for the BallCinderella's Friends260Cinderella's FriendsWhen the Clock Strikes Twelve300When the Clock Strikes TwelveThe Wedding Dance280The Wedding DanceMaking the Dress260Making the DressHappily Ever After260Happily Ever AfterDreamy238DreamyA Perfect Fit280A Perfect Fit