beautiful ladies scarf36beautiful ladies scarfBirdhouse in the snow48Birdhouse in the snowSquirrel-in-bird-feeder35Squirrel-in-bird-feederMoon bowl100Moon bowlSuper Falls99Super Fallspretty red flowers49pretty red flowersLite house in the storm99Lite house in the stormSnail love96Snail loveoldie but goodie100oldie but goodieYour majesty96Your majestySerenly mirrored56Serenly mirroredSlices of life96Slices of lifeLovely vintage calender girl99Lovely vintage calender girlbeautiful WWII pinup painting98beautiful WWII pinup paintingTiger eye40Tiger eyeGreat River Road at Alton in the fall96Great River Road at Alton in the fallBeautiful decorative mirror99Beautiful decorative mirrorBlue Happy Holiday98Blue Happy HolidayBeautiful Wrought Iron Balcony80Beautiful Wrought Iron BalconyWet Propellors77Wet Propellors