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Chausey, Elephant (2)96Chausey, Elephant (2)Chausey, Blainvillais99Chausey, BlainvillaisChausey, Casiers à homards99Chausey, Casiers à homardsChausey, Doris blanc99Chausey, Doris blancChausey, L'éléphant96Chausey, L'éléphantChausey, Houses96Chausey, HousesChausey, maisons dans le fort96Chausey, maisons dans le fortChausey, Hotel96Chausey, HotelChausey, Beware the tide96Chausey, Beware the tideChausey, fishing boat99Chausey, fishing boatChausey, Le Fort96Chausey, Le FortChausey, Fort, Aerial view99Chausey, Fort, Aerial viewChausey, Navettes96Chausey, NavettesChausey, port99Chausey, portChausey, Village de Blainvillais96Chausey, Village de BlainvillaisChausey, Le Fort99Chausey, Le FortChausey, Rainbow96Chausey, RainbowChausey, rainy day96Chausey, rainy dayChausey, Terrasse96Chausey, TerrasseChausey, Paysage96Chausey, Paysage