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Polar bears playing48Polar bears playingFire at Notre Dame42Fire at Notre DameSeal yawning40Seal yawningLenticular clouds, south Atlantic45Lenticular clouds, south AtlanticSupercell thunder storm36Supercell thunder stormBrghton Beach, UK45Brghton Beach, UKGreek beach taken by drone40Greek beach taken by droneLioness crossing river45Lioness crossing riverWhale in antarctic waters36Whale in antarctic watersCatching the bus to market45Catching the bus to marketView from Eiffel Tower45View from Eiffel TowerPagan festival in Bulgaria40Pagan festival in BulgariaChinese opera puppets, a lost art45Chinese opera puppets, a lost artMaasai men taking selfie36Maasai men taking selfieLinewalking on Venice Beach40Linewalking on Venice BeachPenguins, Antarctica40Penguins, AntarcticaA man and his camel, India40A man and his camel, IndiaPuma cub learning to hunt45Puma cub learning to huntKerem beyit songweaver42Kerem beyit songweaverWoman with tigers36Woman with tigers