Abstract pillars40Abstract pillarsA handful of castle36A handful of castleEyeball stars40Eyeball starsChameleon died in the desert40Chameleon died in the desertIce disk, Westbrook, Maine40Ice disk, Westbrook, MaineHairy Frogfish48Hairy FrogfishHenry Moore display, Houghton Hall Norfolk UK36Henry Moore display, Houghton Hall Norfolk UKFloral display42Floral displayBritains Got Talent contestants48Britains Got Talent contestantsPicnicking54PicnickingStanding on the Edgewalk in Toronto42Standing on the Edgewalk in TorontoEquestrian squirrel50Equestrian squirrelMoon dreams55Moon dreamsI dream of flying55I dream of flyingGuinea-Bissau Women smoking56Guinea-Bissau Women smokingPipe smoking by woman60Pipe smoking by womanVintage record player60Vintage record playerWallpaper stamps from India72Wallpaper stamps from IndiaPortuguese-wine-corks72Portuguese-wine-corksKiss of the bee56Kiss of the bee