Wilf235Wilf2Harry and Zac36Harry and ZacDilys36DilysSweet-pea35Sweet-peaPussy willow?40Pussy willow?Hello!, by Kim Haskins48Hello!, by Kim HaskinsBreakfast at Tiffanys'42Breakfast at Tiffanys'Joyful kitties48Joyful kittiesFandango, Kim Haskins48Fandango, Kim HaskinsCharlie by Kim Haskins49Charlie by Kim HaskinsBess and Boots Kim Haskins42Bess and Boots Kim HaskinsDoris, Cuthbert, Lulu49Doris, Cuthbert, LuluCrumble by Kim Haskins42Crumble by Kim HaskinsCompawdres by Kim Haskins42Compawdres by Kim HaskinsBonington, Kim Haskins42Bonington, Kim HaskinsBob and Babs, Kim Haskins49Bob and Babs, Kim HaskinsPearl, Kim Haskins40Pearl, Kim HaskinsKim Haskins, Cherry and Berry42Kim Haskins, Cherry and BerrySmokey, Kim Haskins42Smokey, Kim HaskinsBert, Kim Haskins49Bert, Kim Haskins