Can I keep him?48Can I keep him?A purrfect fit!49A purrfect fit!I'm ready!42I'm ready!Sphynx PHOTOSHOPPED not real tattooed cat48Sphynx PHOTOSHOPPED not real tattooed catNOT REAL, LOL, isn't photoshop fun!49NOT REAL, LOL, isn't photoshop fun!Cat pile42Cat pileBailey's Uggs, cold in Boston!49Bailey's Uggs, cold in Boston!A Rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten, LOL!42A Rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten, LOL!Thirsty?56Thirsty?Weird cat eating human food50Weird cat eating human foodKitten48KittenCute kitten72Cute kittenScottish fold kitten78Scottish fold kittenSanta Dawg35Santa DawgThe shepherd48The shepherdCat on glass60Cat on glassIt's all in the family36It's all in the familyArnold Schwartzadogger36Arnold SchwartzadoggerCosy kitties35Cosy kittiesHe thought it was real!35He thought it was real!