Paddleboarding with a polar bear45Paddleboarding with a polar bearRed fronted brown Lemur, Madagascar40Red fronted brown Lemur, MadagascarPorcupine Caribou, Canada40Porcupine Caribou, CanadaPolar Bear, Greenland40Polar Bear, GreenlandMonarch butterflies, Mexico45Monarch butterflies, MexicoLemur, Madagascar40Lemur, MadagascarCow visiting Temple, India40Cow visiting Temple, IndiaBison, Yellowstone National Park40Bison, Yellowstone National ParkArctic fox in Greenland45Arctic fox in GreenlandCattle outside a home42Cattle outside a homeWhite Camargue horses round-up45White Camargue horses round-upMountain Goats, 14,000 feet40Mountain Goats, 14,000 feetPolar bear, Greenland36Polar bear, GreenlandBeautiful big cats42Beautiful big catsAfrican golden cat and kittens45African golden cat and kittensPolar bears playing48Polar bears playingLioness crossing river45Lioness crossing riverA man and his camel, India40A man and his camel, IndiaPuma cub learning to hunt45Puma cub learning to huntIggy, posing for the camera!40Iggy, posing for the camera!