Lightning storm over Colorado Springs, CO80Lightning storm over Colorado Springs, COKham (Eastern Tibet) man from the Yushu region60Kham (Eastern Tibet) man from the Yushu region“Bluebell Wood” by David Shandley119“Bluebell Wood” by David ShandleyBike60Bike“Net Mending” by Ly Hoang Long60“Net Mending” by Ly Hoang LongCircus Strassburger70Circus StrassburgerLimitation108LimitationDallol Volcano, Ethiopia77Dallol Volcano, EthiopiaBlack Pearls6Black PearlsAmazing Balloon Ride30Amazing Balloon RideSaddlebag60SaddlebagSpiral Staircase in China48Spiral Staircase in ChinaHang on tight60Hang on tightHouse60HouseJapanese Architecture88Japanese ArchitectureR2 D2 in the sand48R2 D2 in the sandHappy Sunset48Happy SunsetGrapes96GrapesAirglow72AirglowGrowing Barrel54Growing Barrel