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Art90ArtSymbolism sewing thread buttons wooden background80Symbolism sewing thread buttons wooden backgroundDogs puppies orange apple108Dogs puppies orange appleBook apple fruit108Book apple fruitAutumn quilt108Autumn quiltThread colorful coil108Thread colorful coilKitten,fluffy,face,roses,grass108Kitten,fluffy,face,roses,grassStockholm river building top view90Stockholm river building top viewwaterhouse The Lady of Shallott80waterhouse The Lady of Shallottdogs puppies scarves90dogs puppies scarvesthread colorful reel63thread colorful reelgraffiti art stripes colorful90graffiti art stripes colorfulHusky couple dogs snow Alaska90Husky couple dogs snow AlaskaPumpkin-farm99Pumpkin-farmPeru-vegetable Still life art90Peru-vegetable Still life artA street in Baldwin-st-Toronto90A street in Baldwin-st-TorontoRed,White,Blue Circles77Red,White,Blue Circlesstrpes wood paint112strpes wood paintChristmas Christmas tree Socks Fireplace77Christmas Christmas tree Socks FireplaceChristmas Rabbits Toys art70Christmas Rabbits Toys art