The superb look of the Duchess of Cambridge24The superb look of the Duchess of CambridgeI'm listening to rock music35I'm listening to rock musicEminem32EminemItalian music35Italian musicJimi Hendrix35Jimi HendrixBoy play guitar32Boy play guitarEric Clapton - A myth40Eric Clapton - A mythRed hair30Red hairBeauty12BeautyGreen15GreenSchool40SchoolSikh men48Sikh menAmerican children48American childrenHappiness48HappinessThe young English Royal family42The young English Royal familyCompagnia di ballo Khmer42Compagnia di ballo KhmerRagazza Karo in Etiopia42Ragazza Karo in EtiopiaWedding24WeddingRoyal granny42Royal grannyGreengrocer's family - Silvano Ruffini48Greengrocer's family - Silvano Ruffini