New world, new life, old love -Claire and Jamie Fraser's Ridge32New world, new life, old love -Claire and Jamie Fraser's RidgeRiver Run - Outlander season 445River Run - Outlander season 4Fraser's Ridge - Outlander45Fraser's Ridge - OutlanderJamie Fraser - Outlander season 424Jamie Fraser - Outlander season 4Outlander season 445Outlander season 4Jamie35JamiePreston Mill - Outlander location48Preston Mill - Outlander locationKiss45KissReturn to Lallibroch (Midhope Castle)45Return to Lallibroch (Midhope Castle)Claire & Jamie45Claire & JamieClaire & Jamie in the mirror48Claire & Jamie in the mirrorJamie leaves Helwater54Jamie leaves HelwaterJamie & Claire kiss50Jamie & Claire kissA. Malcom print shop sign35A. Malcom print shop signClaire and Jamie50Claire and JamieLove45LoveAfter the battle of Culloden42After the battle of CullodenBeautiful Claire in yellow35Beautiful Claire in yellowJammf48JammfThe A. Malcom typography - Outlander location48The A. Malcom typography - Outlander location