Basking painted turtles45Basking painted turtlesIdentity crisis36Identity crisisI am snowed in48I am snowed inScrollar via l'acqua42Scrollar via l'acquaGreen lizard40Green lizardCriceto25CricetoLove at sunset35Love at sunsetEmerald duck male40Emerald duck maleNarcissus25NarcissusUn passaggio45Un passaggioBianco su bianco42Bianco su biancoBianco su bianco40Bianco su biancoAcrobats of the air42Acrobats of the airCape canary42Cape canaryIron creek28Iron creekBaby bats36Baby batsWhales in Alaska45Whales in AlaskaMeeting of the royal woods42Meeting of the royal woodsPurple Gallinule-Porphyrula martinica40Purple Gallinule-Porphyrula martinicaPygmy shrew36Pygmy shrew