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Disgusting, but believable!!!9Disgusting, but believable!!!Bend in the highway and river~~~12Bend in the highway and river~~~Weeping Willow12Weeping WillowExcellent!9Excellent!Daddy, Child, Mommy!!!12Daddy, Child, Mommy!!!Tipping towards the sun6Tipping towards the sunBridge to home~6Bridge to home~Private little cove and beach!12Private little cove and beach!Standing high above the valley6Standing high above the valleyLonely old boat~!12Lonely old boat~!Loooooooooong French fries!9Loooooooooong French fries!He has his heart in his hands!15He has his heart in his hands!Pepsi vs. Coke, once again!15Pepsi vs. Coke, once again!Time to give up on America surviving tRUMP!12Time to give up on America surviving tRUMP!Deliver us from evil~~~Please God!9Deliver us from evil~~~Please God!Thank You God8Thank You GodMy prayer~~~~6My prayer~~~~He's abusing his power!12He's abusing his power!Once again, out of place!!15Once again, out of place!!Looking like the idiot that he is~~~12Looking like the idiot that he is~~~