Weeping Willow12Weeping WillowTipping towards the sun6Tipping towards the sunJapanese White Pine~!12Japanese White Pine~!The best time to plant a tree~!12The best time to plant a tree~!Nicely done by the electric company~!15Nicely done by the electric company~!Trees roots growing over a boulder~!12Trees roots growing over a boulder~!Cool trees, with the help of a man!15Cool trees, with the help of a man!Cool tree, amazing~12Cool tree, amazing~Bent by the constant wind~!15Bent by the constant wind~!Boab, Prison tree~!12Boab, Prison tree~!Unusual Oak tree~!12Unusual Oak tree~!Rainbow Eucalyptus~!15Rainbow Eucalyptus~!Fan palm trees~!12Fan palm trees~!Looking up~!12Looking up~!Siamese trees~!15Siamese trees~!Nudifloras, amazing trees!15Nudifloras, amazing trees!Crooked forrest~15Crooked forrest~The Green Man~!12The Green Man~!Circus tree~~!12Circus tree~~!Sabina tree~!12Sabina tree~!