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Liudmila-Kondakova-Place du Tertre-Basilica Sacre Coeur252Liudmila-Kondakova-Place du Tertre-Basilica Sacre CoeurLiudmila Kondakova- Alamo square park252Liudmila Kondakova- Alamo square parkChurch in the snow120Church in the snow1940s High Street-Trevor Mitchell3001940s High Street-Trevor MitchellTrevor Mitchell-Starting the day300Trevor Mitchell-Starting the dayFerrari targa Florio 1972-Michael Turner221Ferrari targa Florio 1972-Michael TurnerIndependence Day-Ken Zilla280Independence Day-Ken ZillaFirst catch-Steve Crisp252First catch-Steve CrispBuckingham Palace-Steve Crisp252Buckingham Palace-Steve CrispDerek Roberts-Going Once Going Twice300Derek Roberts-Going Once Going TwiceRailroad Crossing-Derek Roberts300Railroad Crossing-Derek RobertsMarmont Hill Fish Aquarium - Stevan Dohanos182Marmont Hill Fish Aquarium - Stevan DohanosSeattle- Eric Dowdle192Seattle- Eric DowdleGreen River by Eric Dowdle221Green River by Eric DowdleVernal by Eric Dowdle221Vernal by Eric DowdleThe fabled city of Atlantis-Eric Dowdle221The fabled city of Atlantis-Eric DowdleFlorence-Eric Dowdle240Florence-Eric DowdleSan Diego-Eric Dowdle204San Diego-Eric DowdleMarblehead-Eric Dowdle221Marblehead-Eric DowdleNewport Beach-Eric Dowdle240Newport Beach-Eric Dowdle