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529 puzzles tagged house

Cottage in spring, Ickwell, UK35Cottage in spring, Ickwell, UKIn the street in Vietri, Italy35In the street in Vietri, ItalyFacade35FacadePencil Cottage, Shanklin Old Village, Isle of Wight35Pencil Cottage, Shanklin Old Village, Isle of WightGraffiti in Metelkova Street, Ljubljana, Slovenia35Graffiti in Metelkova Street, Ljubljana, SloveniaFlowered patio35Flowered patioThatched cottage in Stratford, UK35Thatched cottage in Stratford, UKWooden house35Wooden houseGaudi window35Gaudi windowHouse in the street35House in the streetWinter home35Winter homeVictorian style35Victorian styleResidence of Tan Teng Niah, Singapore35Residence of Tan Teng Niah, SingaporeWindow35WindowPretty house35Pretty houseWinter home35Winter homeOld house35Old houseWindows with shutters and flowers35Windows with shutters and flowersBalcony garden35Balcony gardenColorful home in Olinda, Brazil35Colorful home in Olinda, Brazil