Morberg's Summer Cottage, Jūrmala, Latvia35Morberg's Summer Cottage, Jūrmala, LatviaFacade35FacadeFrog Fountain in Fort Worth, TX35Frog Fountain in Fort Worth, TXPark in Tokyo, Japan35Park in Tokyo, JapanAir bubbles35Air bubblesColorful lion35Colorful lionHeceta Head Lighthouse, Florence, OR35Heceta Head Lighthouse, Florence, ORWindows32WindowsIn Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina35In Mostar, Bosnia and HerzegovinaIn Skopelos, Greece35In Skopelos, GreeceIn the garden35In the gardenWindow35WindowIn Tibet, China35In Tibet, ChinaColorful paper fans12Colorful paper fansChinese lampions12Chinese lampionsScenery of Lijiang River. China24Scenery of Lijiang River. ChinaMoghadam Museum in Teheran,Iran35Moghadam Museum in Teheran,IranPink Mosque in Shiraz, Iran24Pink Mosque in Shiraz, IranOasis35OasisNasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran24Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran