After the rain36After the rainOn a rainy day35On a rainy dayIn the rain35In the rainQueen of the rain35Queen of the rainIn Kinsale on the rainy day32In Kinsale on the rainy dayRain24RainLion in the rain12Lion in the rainCrystal raindrops18Crystal raindropsOwls in the rain12Owls in the rainSpring rain18Spring rainAfter the rain12After the rainAnd I' m not afraid of the rain12And I' m not afraid of the rainUrban street in the rain15Urban street in the rainDancing in the rain12Dancing in the rainRaining with sunlight15Raining with sunlightClothespins in the rain12Clothespins in the rainTea in the rain12Tea in the rainOut of the rain12Out of the rainHummingbird in the rain12Hummingbird in the rainIn the spring shower12In the spring shower