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Old Windmill77Old WindmillFamily dog24Family dogMusic box piano24Music box pianoRetro-styl woman24Retro-styl womanMaxresdefault- barrel organ32Maxresdefault- barrel organWindmill and tulips63Windmill and tulipsFamily dog24Family dogLe portillon rouge by Christian Eurgal30Le portillon rouge by Christian EurgalRadio adapter24Radio adapterOld seving machine24Old seving machineMetal suitcases _ retro32Metal suitcases _ retroStone house in Italy54Stone house in ItalySweet Kitty18Sweet Kittyeastern-decoration24eastern-decorationSweet violets24Sweet violetsOld Gramophone35Old GramophoneOld car32Old carA kuku! I see you!20A kuku! I see you!Painting by Christian Eurgal16Painting by Christian EurgalParisian bus35Parisian bus