Black puppy and pumpkins15Black puppy and pumpkinsGinger cat and autumn leaves20Ginger cat and autumn leavesLabrador - portrait20Labrador - portraitColorful bird photography24Colorful bird photographyBlue bird sitting on a peach tree20Blue bird sitting on a peach treeBlack dog - portrait24Black dog - portraitSleeping cat24Sleeping catWhite cat and its reflection24White cat and its reflectionTabby-fluffy-ginger-cat24Tabby-fluffy-ginger-catBlue eyes - drawing15Blue eyes - drawingcat in the sink24cat in the sinkPointer - mom and puppy24Pointer - mom and puppyWhite cat in the window20White cat in the windowHorses24HorsesWe are going  home!!25We are going home!!Black and white18Black and whiteDog and cat in the saddle24Dog and cat in the saddleWater polo?24Water polo?Ginger Cat24Ginger CatA bird in the color of indigo20A bird in the color of indigo