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Cycles & Seasons Spot Varnish 8 B&W36Cycles & Seasons Spot Varnish 8 B&WCycles & Seasons Spot Varnish 8 color72Cycles & Seasons Spot Varnish 8 colorFrac 4201872Frac 42018colorful polymer Clay, what will they grow?35colorful polymer Clay, what will they grow?that was a close25that was a closerainbow squares60rainbow squaresUnbeweaveable quilt35Unbeweaveable quiltColorful point rainbow32Colorful point rainbowInterlocking36InterlockingTwizzle Star Quilt by Linda Claus35Twizzle Star Quilt by Linda ClausPretty Pyramids quilt by Viv Smith36Pretty Pyramids quilt by Viv SmithMystery Solved licorice allsorts getting colored20Mystery Solved licorice allsorts getting coloredglitter bomb kaleidoscope35glitter bomb kaleidoscopeReading a really good book20Reading a really good bookOver & Under quilt by Bonnie Sullivan36Over & Under quilt by Bonnie SullivanMandala36MandalaVancouver Thanks Daniel 22 & Henrik 33 Sedin6Vancouver Thanks Daniel 22 & Henrik 33 SedinDeleting my Facebook account12Deleting my Facebook accountjust a little bit more color54just a little bit more colorat the Pointy Head Convention20at the Pointy Head Convention