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Cersei Lannister Fallen256Cersei Lannister FallenCersei Lannister by Xpatriciia196Cersei Lannister by XpatriciiaCersei Lannister by Matt Olson180Cersei Lannister by Matt OlsonCersei Lannister by Mark Evans150Cersei Lannister by Mark EvansCersei Lannister by iParisia150Cersei Lannister by iParisiaDo More Than Just Exist by Aquasixio300Do More Than Just Exist by AquasixioMana Tide by Aquasixio252Mana Tide by AquasixioIl signo nero by Aquasixio180Il signo nero by AquasixioCalypso by Aquasixio198Calypso by AquasixioA Safe Place Where You Can Go by Aquasixio150A Safe Place Where You Can Go by AquasixioInto the Badlands2200Into the Badlands2Into the Badlands1150Into the Badlands1Dark Matter2200Dark Matter2Dark Matter1200Dark Matter1Sense8180Sense8Wynne by Alexiussana198Wynne by AlexiussanaOghren Shave My Back and Call Me An Elf by Olivegbg130Oghren Shave My Back and Call Me An Elf by OlivegbgLeliana by Anathematixs204Leliana by AnathematixsAlistair by Kaana Moonshadow180Alistair by Kaana MoonshadowRed Dragon with Logo156Red Dragon with Logo