River by Jonathan Harris12River by Jonathan Harris1956 Desoto by Rick Mock121956 Desoto by Rick MockPainting on Butterfly Wings by Hassan Kala6Painting on Butterfly Wings by Hassan KalaWarm Winds by Daniel F. Gerhartz20Warm Winds by Daniel F. GerhartzPainting by Edward Hopper12Painting by Edward HopperCandle in the Wind by Steve Hanks20Candle in the Wind by Steve HanksThe Birth of Jazz by Frank Nelson Ashley25The Birth of Jazz by Frank Nelson AshleyPainting by Brian Neher6Painting by Brian NeherIRIS SUMMER BY DARRYL TROTT20IRIS SUMMER BY DARRYL TROTTColorful Caribbean Painting24Colorful Caribbean PaintingPainting by Howard Behrens20Painting by Howard BehrensPainting by Robin Moline25Painting by Robin MolinePainting by Duong Ngoc Son12Painting by Duong Ngoc SonPainting by Andrey Kutsachenko35Painting by Andrey KutsachenkoPainting by Alexei Chernigin12Painting by Alexei CherniginITALIAN TOWN BY FRANCO PULITI12ITALIAN TOWN BY FRANCO PULITIWARM GREETINGS BY MIKKI SENKARIK9WARM GREETINGS BY MIKKI SENKARIKENCHANTING THE ARCHES BY KENT WALLIS12ENCHANTING THE ARCHES BY KENT WALLISCREPE EN L'ISLE BY FRANCO PULITI12CREPE EN L'ISLE BY FRANCO PULITIWATERCOLOR FLORAL PAINTING BY ALFRED NG12WATERCOLOR FLORAL PAINTING BY ALFRED NG