I usually create landscape pics at around 100 and portrait pics at 70. I have a wide variety of albums so most tastes should be satisfied. Puzzles are all in standard format.


landscape 1567×
scenery 1010×
water 983×
old 590×
river 505×
architecture 435×
bridge 393×
england 391×
town 299×
london 268×

Ostatnie puzzle

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Peckforton Castle108Peckforton CastleWalmer castle100Walmer castleNeals Yard80Neals YardMt Fuji96Mt FujiThe Abbey Hotel112The Abbey HotelIts that phone box120Its that phone boxBuckingham Palace120Buckingham PalaceChurchills home, Chartwell108Churchills home, ChartwellBlinking hall112Blinking hallCarlingford112Carlingford


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