Geological map of Onondaga County, NY210Geological map of Onondaga County, NYClimatological Map of the USA, 1876204Climatological Map of the USA, 1876Robinson's Aeroplane Map of Sydney198Robinson's Aeroplane Map of SydneyParis Map 1878198Paris Map 1878Map of Springfield, Massachusetts196Map of Springfield, MassachusettsMap of Concord, Massachusetts204Map of Concord, MassachusettsA capital do Brasil210A capital do BrasilHydrogeological Map of Haiti204Hydrogeological Map of HaitiNJ Economic Geology 1880200NJ Economic Geology 1880Ohio Geological Map 1888210Ohio Geological Map 1888Northern Missouri Geological Map209Northern Missouri Geological MapMap of Smyth County, VA 1899210Map of Smyth County, VA 1899Geological Map of Indiana 1894198Geological Map of Indiana 1894Geological Map of Colorado 1877198Geological Map of Colorado 18771884 Map of Cherokee Nation1961884 Map of Cherokee NationMap 1849196Map 1849Geologic Map 1865190Geologic Map 1865Map of Montana & Wyoming Territories 1876198Map of Montana & Wyoming Territories 1876Geologic Map 1890196Geologic Map 1890Map of Nevada Basin, 1876204Map of Nevada Basin, 1876