Lake Hiller -Australia99Lake Hiller -AustraliaBlue ice-by snow falling glacier100Blue ice-by snow falling glacierFrozen wave Coast of Nantucket96Frozen wave Coast of NantucketAruba mileage80Aruba mileageBig Rock Lobster, Stanley, Tasmania, Australia99Big Rock Lobster, Stanley, Tasmania, AustraliaChicago River every St Paddys Day99Chicago River every St Paddys DayFlood Evidence-Namibia100Flood Evidence-Namibia19441001944Fly Geyser, Northern Nevada99Fly Geyser, Northern NevadaBig Texan, Amarillo, Texas.99Big Texan, Amarillo, Texas.Largest Chest-High Point NC96Largest Chest-High Point NCReading Termanel Mkt, Philli, PA, USA96Reading Termanel Mkt, Philli, PA, USABorders80BordersRock99Rock1800s Vampire Killing Kit.1001800s Vampire Killing Kit.Germany left, Chez Rep left99Germany left, Chez Rep leftBook Store Sign99Book Store SignSheboygan, Wisconsin99Sheboygan, WisconsinRock99RockGrumpy cats80Grumpy cats