Stained glass, Holy Family140Stained glass, Holy FamilyVirgin Mary with baby Jesus150Virgin Mary with baby JesusStained glass, Jesus Last Supper150Stained glass, Jesus Last Supperstained glass, Jesus' baptism150stained glass, Jesus' baptismmonument, Virgin Mary160monument, Virgin MaryReligion, buddhism144Religion, buddhismStained glass, Jesus crucifixion140Stained glass, Jesus crucifixionVirgin Mary, assumption painting120Virgin Mary, assumption paintingJesus, stained glass120Jesus, stained glassJesus, Christ baptism stained glass140Jesus, Christ baptism stained glassVirgin Mary stained glass140Virgin Mary stained glassSaint Clara136Saint ClaraJesus Christ ascension126Jesus Christ ascensionStained glass, Holy Family150Stained glass, Holy FamilyJesus Christ, stained glass160Jesus Christ, stained glassChurch120ChurchChurch organ150Church organChurch interior150Church interiorChurch interior120Church interiorVirgin Mary168Virgin Mary