Window of hope45Window of hopeColourful music48Colourful musicSt. Finnbar's40St. Finnbar'sGuarding the pew28Guarding the pewZutphen - The Netherlands48Zutphen - The NetherlandsCeiling patterns45Ceiling patternsRuins reaching to heaven54Ruins reaching to heavencandles in the crypt24candles in the cryptarch to the tower60arch to the towerdizzying35dizzyingBlessed are the peacemakers48Blessed are the peacemakersInto the spire40Into the spireGlimpse into the world - Tintern Abbey70Glimpse into the world - Tintern AbbeySoaring - Hereford Cathedral70Soaring - Hereford CathedralRepetition sunshine - Guildford Cathedral40Repetition sunshine - Guildford CathedralRepetition - Guildford Cathedral56Repetition - Guildford Cathedral