Relaxed Beauty72Relaxed BeautyA Cat in the house56A Cat in the houseWanted - Schrödinger's cat70Wanted - Schrödinger's catCat on the cobble stones70Cat on the cobble stonesThe Rooster70The RoosterBeautiful Chanticleer70Beautiful ChanticleerOn the green couch - Judy Feldman72On the green couch - Judy Feldman"Cleo in the Red Room" Judy Feldman72"Cleo in the Red Room" Judy Feldman"Cleo in the Garden Room" Judy Feldman70"Cleo in the Garden Room" Judy Feldman"Brutus & Another Crazy Chair" Judy Feldman63"Brutus & Another Crazy Chair" Judy FeldmanThe Dog's Birthday :)72The Dog's Birthday :)Happy Birthday!70Happy Birthday!The day after the night before70The day after the night beforeDoggie - what did this bad boy do? :}72Doggie - what did this bad boy do? :}What do you see?  LOL72What do you see? LOLIgor Stravinsky and his cat49Igor Stravinsky and his catJoey Ramone and his cat48Joey Ramone and his catGeorge Harrison and his cat49George Harrison and his catAgnes Moorehead and her cat48Agnes Moorehead and her catMinnie Mouse and her kitty48Minnie Mouse and her kitty