Verdigree Green Man Door Knocker-Karl Deen Sanders63Verdigree Green Man Door Knocker-Karl Deen SandersYule fairy56Yule fairyElement of Fire60Element of FireEnglish house at christmas - Midsomer Mysteries70English house at christmas - Midsomer MysteriesItaly - "A Room with a View"72Italy - "A Room with a View""Merlin" Emeris's hut72"Merlin" Emeris's hut"Merlin" Village in the Valley72"Merlin" Village in the Valley"Merlin" The Baby White Dragon66"Merlin" The Baby White DragonRuth - the White Dragon60Ruth - the White DragonMidievil 'P'70Midievil 'P'Celtic 'P'70Celtic 'P'Coming of the Fairies - Florence harrison70Coming of the Fairies - Florence harrisonHarvest Moon Barn Owl  -J. Browne80Harvest Moon Barn Owl -J. BrowneElf Home80Elf HomeLittle Fairies Winter Refuge - J. Browne80Little Fairies Winter Refuge - J. BrowneThe River Teign flows through Chagford - Brian Froud77The River Teign flows through Chagford - Brian FroudEdmund dulac -Dreamer of Dreams70Edmund dulac -Dreamer of DreamsSpirit of the Tree72Spirit of the TreeMore than 3,000 yrs -Uffington White Horse70More than 3,000 yrs -Uffington White HorseSomebody's coloring mandala sheet56Somebody's coloring mandala sheet