the clothing emporium80the clothing emporiumopen view warehouse88open view warehouseBakery with flower wall100Bakery with flower wallthe corner drugstore80the corner drugstoreBill's roadside furnihings88Bill's roadside furnihingslook in to the garden centrum70look in to the garden centrumTim's Toy store80Tim's Toy storeview general village shop88view general village shopcake and pasteria shop100cake and pasteria shopthe hardware shop88the hardware shopbuy and sell shops90buy and sell shopsthe bakery shop80the bakery shopcolourful kitchen bakery shop80colourful kitchen bakery shopa shop with home accesoires90a shop with home accesoiresold fashion toy shop88old fashion toy shopa dressmaker88a dressmakera nice gift shop88a nice gift shopin the local market90in the local marketnewspaper sweets shop91newspaper sweets shopMike's rent shop80Mike's rent shop