on a sunny day70on a sunny dayon the animal camping77on the animal campinggrandma with cat91grandma with cati have not a teddy80i have not a teddyflower children77flower childreni am in dreamland88i am in dreamlandlovely mary poppins88lovely mary poppinsthe neckless fits fine60the neckless fits finelittle angel girl watching birds80little angel girl watching birdssnow white and seven dwarfs90snow white and seven dwarfsare your eyes closed90are your eyes closedsweet urinating twins80sweet urinating twinsi love reading110i love readingi am a great painter80i am a great painterbusy market88busy marketa great illustrator72a great illustratori want to be a illustrator100i want to be a illustratorthe garden of pieter rabbitt88the garden of pieter rabbittchicken with the golden egg100chicken with the golden egga big gnoom family80a big gnoom family