Chickens36ChickensSleepy Kitty35Sleepy KittyCanadian Snow Goose35Canadian Snow GooseCanadian Geese in flight35Canadian Geese in flightDragonfly with black tips and clear wings35Dragonfly with black tips and clear wingsDragonfly black tips with clear wings35Dragonfly black tips with clear wingsOrange dragonfly different view35Orange dragonfly different viewOrange dragonfly front view35Orange dragonfly front viewOrange dragonfly35Orange dragonflyGrease Spot in his watchful spot40Grease Spot in his watchful spotShadow loves her pillows40Shadow loves her pillowsSnow geese flying35Snow geese flyingBird in a tree42Bird in a treeHawk in the tree top35Hawk in the tree topRavens in the tree top42Ravens in the tree topLizard42Lizardlizard35lizardLizard63LizardDeer in tall grass54Deer in tall grassVisitors - deer resting in our yard35Visitors - deer resting in our yard