Sunset Grass Valley CA30Sunset Grass Valley CAClouds over Grass Valley CA35Clouds over Grass Valley CAKing fire sky after the smoke cleared35King fire sky after the smoke clearedKing fire pyrocumulus cloud35King fire pyrocumulus cloudStorm is coming35Storm is comingSunset through the trees35Sunset through the treesCloudy skies35Cloudy skiesPuffy white clouds35Puffy white cloudsNearly full moon in a black sky35Nearly full moon in a black skySnow geese flying in a cloudy sky35Snow geese flying in a cloudy skyBlue sky through snow covered branches48Blue sky through snow covered branchesWinter sunset over snowy landscape54Winter sunset over snowy landscapeWhispy clouds over the trees35Whispy clouds over the treesFull moon35Full moonFirey sunset40Firey sunsetOrange sunset sky48Orange sunset skyfluffy clouds at just before sunset40fluffy clouds at just before sunsetPink skies at night42Pink skies at nightSmoke billows up from fire35Smoke billows up from fireStorm clouds over head63Storm clouds over head