food 1833×
dessert 1146×
snack 1067×
color 1059×
treat 1028×
sweet 1023×
europe 1002×
architecture 947×
party 916×
design 877×
colorful 809×
cake 746×
fruit 728×
castle 675×
palace 663×
flowers 560×
historic 541×
garden 530×
potw 431×
chocolate 401×

1028 puzzles tagged treat

Margarita pie120Margarita pieNutella donuts120Nutella donutsCheese board130Cheese boardGlazed mirror cheesecake120Glazed mirror cheesecakeBanana mocha chocolate ice cream cake130Banana mocha chocolate ice cream cakeChocolate chip cheesecake120Chocolate chip cheesecakeBerry mousse mini tortes130Berry mousse mini tortesSemi-naked wedding cake130Semi-naked wedding cakeOctopus cupcakes130Octopus cupcakesChocolate truffle cake130Chocolate truffle cakeVanilla cheesecake130Vanilla cheesecakeGerman chocolate cake130German chocolate cakeLavender lemon cupcakes130Lavender lemon cupcakesWatercolor and ruffles wedding cake130Watercolor and ruffles wedding cakeStrawberry lemonade poke cake132Strawberry lemonade poke cakeLemon ice cream130Lemon ice creamChocolate mint layer cake120Chocolate mint layer cakeNaked strawberry cake130Naked strawberry cakeApple pancakes with caramel sauce130Apple pancakes with caramel sauceChocolate-covered strawberry cupcakes130Chocolate-covered strawberry cupcakes