food 632×
color 367×
dessert 265×
europe 255×
red 195×
green 186×
flowers 184×
sweet 179×
cake 173×
nature 167×
fruit 154×
castle 128×
palace 118×
colorful 116×
animals 114×
architecture 114×
potw 106×
blue 105×
pink 104×
chocolate 101×

179 puzzles tagged sweet

Desserts 228130Desserts 228Cupcakes 90130Cupcakes 90Macarons 53130Macarons 53Grapefruit cake130Grapefruit cakeDesserts 132130Desserts 132Peaches and cream bars130Peaches and cream barsCakes 264132Cakes 264Baked just for you128Baked just for youDesserts 222130Desserts 222Desserts 174130Desserts 174Cakes 253132Cakes 253Love affair with macarons130Love affair with macaronsSweet love130Sweet loveA cup of love120A cup of loveDessert 253130Dessert 253Apple honey cake130Apple honey cakeCherry ice cream pie132Cherry ice cream pieChocolate coconut macaroons130Chocolate coconut macaroonsStrawberry lime cupcakes130Strawberry lime cupcakesChocolate truffle and orange terrine120Chocolate truffle and orange terrine