food 1527×
dessert 929×
color 870×
snack 808×
europe 786×
sweet 765×
treat 764×
architecture 655×
party 655×
colorful 620×
cake 592×
design 589×
fruit 561×
castle 517×
palace 505×
flowers 485×
garden 380×
potw 379×
red 341×
nature 339×

561 puzzles tagged fruit

Pineapple coconut strawberry smoothie130Pineapple coconut strawberry smoothieCherry crumble pie132Cherry crumble pieEnglish muffins130English muffinsCarrot cake bites130Carrot cake bitesAngel food cake120Angel food cakeChocolate cake with raspberry filling126Chocolate cake with raspberry fillingFig caramel torte130Fig caramel torteLemon ricotta cake130Lemon ricotta cakeMango cream120Mango creamPineapple cake130Pineapple cakePlum pudding cake130Plum pudding cakeChocolate poke cake130Chocolate poke cakeLemon wedding cake130Lemon wedding cakeWaffle grilled cheese130Waffle grilled cheeseMini peach pie120Mini peach pieStrawberry roses cake120Strawberry roses cakeChocolate pomegranate cookie torte130Chocolate pomegranate cookie torteLemon crumb cake120Lemon crumb cakeFresh fruit pizza130Fresh fruit pizzaBlackberry cobbler117Blackberry cobbler