food 655×
color 378×
dessert 278×
europe 273×
red 204×
flowers 193×
green 189×
sweet 187×
cake 178×
nature 171×
fruit 167×
castle 136×
colorful 127×
palace 126×
animals 125×
architecture 119×
snack 113×
potw 111×
blue 108×
chocolate 106×

278 puzzles tagged dessert

Fruit rainbow cake120Fruit rainbow cakeChocolate crepes with berries130Chocolate crepes with berriesBlood orange pie130Blood orange pieCakes 247132Cakes 247Chocolate-covered banana bites117Chocolate-covered banana bitesCranberry orange cookies132Cranberry orange cookiesBerry bread pudding110Berry bread puddingCakes 265130Cakes 265Champagne cupcakes130Champagne cupcakesIce cream 7120Ice cream 7Fresh strawberry pie130Fresh strawberry pieChocolate caramel cheesecake130Chocolate caramel cheesecakeDesserts 212120Desserts 212Desserts 228130Desserts 228Cupcakes 90130Cupcakes 90Macarons 53130Macarons 53Grapefruit cake130Grapefruit cakeDesserts 132130Desserts 132Peaches and cream bars130Peaches and cream barsCakes 264132Cakes 264