food (2049)
dessert (1328)
snack (1284)
treat (1241)
sweet (1228)
color (1219)
architecture (1182)
europe (1146)
party (1130)
design (1108)
colorful (987)
cake (850)
fruit (846)
castle (777)
palace (767)
historic (697)
garden (621)
flowers (605)
chocolate (474)
potw (443)

1328 puzzles tagged dessert

12-layer chocolate cake13012-layer chocolate cakeChocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake 2132Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake 2Coconut custard pie130Coconut custard pieChocolate ice cream cake130Chocolate ice cream cakeGingerbread cheesecake130Gingerbread cheesecakeStrawberry birthday cake130Strawberry birthday cakeApple sour cream cake120Apple sour cream cakeBirthday cake130Birthday cakeCherry clafoutis120Cherry clafoutisMint panna cotta120Mint panna cottaChocolate coconut cake130Chocolate coconut cakeCream cheese mints120Cream cheese mintsSugar and vanilla120Sugar and vanillaPeanut butter chocolate ice cream cake130Peanut butter chocolate ice cream cakeChocolate-covered strawberry brownies130Chocolate-covered strawberry browniesBlue ruffles120Blue rufflesKey lime pie132Key lime pieTrifle with strawberries angel food cake130Trifle with strawberries angel food cakeDulce de leche crepes130Dulce de leche crepesChocolate cheesecake cake132Chocolate cheesecake cake