Painting of yellow house with clothesline52Painting of yellow house with clotheslinePainting of yellow house with clothesline100Painting of yellow house with clotheslinePainting of orange lily100Painting of orange lilyPainting of orange lily42Painting of orange lilyPainting of pink and yellow flowers48Painting of pink and yellow flowersCountry church and sunflowers35Country church and sunflowersCountry church and sunflowers88Country church and sunflowersZebras and Giraffes in a Painting42Zebras and Giraffes in a PaintingTiger Painting80Tiger PaintingColorful Sunflowers72Colorful SunflowersQuilt of Hearts110Quilt of HeartsQuilt of Hearts108Quilt of HeartsQuilt of Hearts35Quilt of HeartsCypress Trees at Holt Lake48Cypress Trees at Holt LakeBlue Heron48Blue HeronBlue Heron90Blue HeronAbstract in yellow and blue and red70Abstract in yellow and blue and redPainting of Blue and Purple Turtles55Painting of Blue and Purple TurtlesPainting of Blue and Purple Turtles78Painting of Blue and Purple TurtlesMosaic of Galloping Horses91Mosaic of Galloping Horses