Welcome to my puzzle page! I have tried to cover a wide scope of subject matter for your enjoyment. Whether it's dragons or flowers or surreal art or pets, you will find it here along with so much more more! Enjoy, my friends.


fantasy (20)
surreal (12)
dragon (9)
people (9)
russia (9)
architecture (8)
moon (8)
art (7)
cat (7)
forever (5)

Ostatnie puzzle

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In tune iii  Catherine Hennessey180In tune iii Catherine HennesseyCharles Webster Hawthorne Woman in Green182Charles Webster Hawthorne Woman in GreenRob Gonsalves  Written World180Rob Gonsalves Written WorldEmil-Nolde  Flower Garden180Emil-Nolde Flower GardenLas musas de kandinsky by thatcarelessfairy180Las musas de kandinsky by thatcarelessfairyLas musas de kandinsky by thatcarelessfairy-d67h7bs180Las musas de kandinsky by thatcarelessfairy-d67h7bsHouse with drying-laundry  Egon Schiele180House with drying-laundry Egon SchieleThe Ribbons   Steven Kenny180The Ribbons Steven KennySydney   Eric Dowdle180Sydney Eric DowdleGeorge Ault  Bright Light at Russell’s Corners168George Ault Bright Light at Russell’s Corners

Ostatnie albumy

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AlbumCoverNight Owl PuzzlesAlbumCoverHalloweenAlbumCoverRamon SantigoAlbumCoverDaniel Merriam ArtworkAlbumCoverMoon, stars and beyondAlbumCoverChernobylAlbumCoverAbandoned Houses of WorshipAlbumCoverIOAN MARIC BACAUAlbumCoverPeopleAlbumCoverDarkness and more