Duck Eggs & Toad, by Amy100Duck Eggs & Toad, by AmyPuzzle36PuzzleLimbs & Branches144Limbs & BranchesMoon154Moontoasting marshmallows150toasting marshmallowsChristmas Tree78Christmas TreeGesegnete Weihnachten88Gesegnete WeihnachtenChatting with Santa110Chatting with SantaOur Mother of Victory Basilica70Our Mother of Victory BasilicaGood luck!120Good luck!National Puzzle Day49National Puzzle DayOops120OopsSweet nixie - 6056Sweet nixie - 60Sweet nixie132Sweet nixiewinter remains of a flower120winter remains of a flowerFireworks120Fireworksfireworks120fireworksMusic manuscript120Music manuscriptouth Bass Island Lighthouse150outh Bass Island LighthousePerry's Monument at Put-in-Bay, Ohio150Perry's Monument at Put-in-Bay, Ohio