Hello! Barbara, English living in France. There's some of everything in my albums and you can play thee puzzles any size you like. Happy puzzling! I don't really do automobiles, food or Disney, I like landscapes and colourful paintings plus the occasional cute kitty!


colourful (3920)
art (1645)
painting (1116)
abstract (987)
flowers (953)
landscape (932)
colorful (754)
houses (577)
paintings (508)
trees (390)


flowers252flowersStrawberry beach210Strawberry beachDorit Levi110Dorit LeviThe George farm108The George farmdown at the pond30down at the pondLake at sunrise252Lake at sunriseCristine Cambrea210Cristine Cambreasynced rhythm, Masoud Kibwana108synced rhythm, Masoud Kibwanacycling in Yorkshire, L.Pittaway110cycling in Yorkshire, L.PittawaySailing home36Sailing home


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