Hello! Barbara, English living in France. There's some of everything in my albums and you can play thee puzzles any size you like. Happy puzzling! I don't really do automobiles, food or Disney, I like landscapes and colourful paintings plus the occasional cute kitty!


colourful (3902)
art (1645)
painting (1101)
abstract (982)
flowers (947)
landscape (926)
colorful (736)
houses (575)
paintings (508)
trees (389)
girl in the garden, Luc Pradel209girl in the garden, Luc PradelMerijn Hos252Merijn HosPegasus and the goddess108Pegasus and the goddessAbstract shapes110Abstract shapesdanish houses35danish housesgeometric abstract210geometric abstractautumn leaves255autumn leavesmistress planted catnip!108mistress planted catnip!house on Lanzarote70house on LanzaroteLegoland Amsterdam35Legoland Amsterdam
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