Hello! I'm Barbara, English living in France. I hope you enjoy some of my puzzles. I always try to credit artists, and get their permission when I can. Sorry to my friends, it's full-time gardening season, won't have too much time for making or doing puzzles until it starts raining again!


colourful 3120×
art 1519×
flowers 824×
landscape 801×
abstract 740×
painting 659×
houses 473×
paintings 472×
trees 362×
animals 303×

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favela252favelaBarry Island, Rhiannon Roberts210Barry Island, Rhiannon Robertsneuron, Andrew McCauley110neuron, Andrew McCauleyOld Macdonald had a farm..70Old Macdonald had a farm..bonus30bonussummer fields, Giorgio Trobec252summer fields, Giorgio Trobeccircles210circlesrainbow office108rainbow officered tiger110red tigerBruges35Bruges

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